Best Bars in Cape Town Whistle Wet In Cape Town

Get Your Whistle Wet In Cape Town – The Best Bars

Cape Town is known as one of the premier tourist destinations in the world – and for good reason. It is simply one of the most beautiful cities in the world. for millions of holiday goers the site of Table Mountain on leaving the airport is something that will stay with them forever.The smell of the Atlantic sea air and the knowledge that they will soon join others from all over the globe to bask not only under the African sun – but also to party in a city that is renowned for its nightlife is something that gets the pulse racing.

As the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean the magic comes alive with things to do in Cape Town. This is the time when it is the perfect mix of warmth and excitement in the summer. However, there are those who also prefer the Cape in her winter mood – where the rain and cold set in and the fires are lit across the cities bars and night spots and people gather to celebrate one of the greatest places in the world to meet in a wonderful bar that provides warmth and that certain magic that makes every trip worth making.

So – if you are in seek of that perfect spot in Cape Town – which of the wonderful bars are going to meet your expectation – in the sun or in the late night thunderstorms that the city is known for?

If you are after history, beauty and style there can be no more wonderful place to visit than the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town. And that bar! The Planet Bar is simply fabulous. It combines the history of one of the most venerable entertainment venues in Cape Town with a style which is completely 21st century chic. Whether it is a late night cocktail or a simple people watching the Mount Nelson will never disappoint.

Want to head on over to the other side of the Cape Peninsula – then you have to set your sights on Muizenburg. Long the haunt of surfers and sun worshipers this seaside town has now become one of the hottest properties on the Cape Peninsula – and within only an hours drive of Cape Town even on the most congested of weekends.

Here at the edge of the Indian Ocean one can fin Tigers Milk – one of the hottest bars to hit the Cape in years. Great, filling food and some of the best craft beers that are on offer in the Cape make it the perfect venue to simply kick back and relax. The excellent wine selection just begs for a long afternoon on the tip of the African continent.

The there is the Ritz. In Sea Point the revolving restaurant at the pinnacle of this prominent landmark was simply the place to be seen in the 70’s. But then it fell into disrepair. However it has now been revitalized and the Veuve Clicquot Bar on the first floor is a simple wonder. You can always reach into your wallet and head to the top of the building and enjoy a bubbly experience second to none while looking out over one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

For the ultimate sun-downer there can be no more wonderful setting than Camps Bay on the Atlantic Coast of Cape Town. Head to the Chinchilla Rooftop Bar and groove to the coolest sounds in town while watching one of the best sunsets in the world.

Cape Town offers it all – great vibes and some of the best scenery in the world – at prices that will take you r breath away – book your flight right now.

Stella Artois Stella Artois Very Popular Why Stella Artois Is Popular

Why Stella Artois Remains Incredibly Popular

Seasoned beer drinkers tend to be a fussy lot – and they usually remain true to a brand throughout their lives. In the case of Stella Artois that brand loyalty has seen it become the top seller in many markets across the world including Great Britain where it remains incredibly popular. The brand has seen it’s market decline in the last couple of years – but there are a number of reasons for this – including the fact that at least in the United Kingdom supermarket chains have been bringing their own ‘house brands’ of beer to consumers. Those products are so cheap that they often retain for less than the price of mineral water.

Increasing numbers of ‘craft beers’ have also been eating into Stella’s market share across the globe. But the fact remains that Stella Artois continues to be one of the world’s most popular beers.

So what is the secret behind this global brand – and why have many drinkers stayed loyal even in the face of increased choice and cheaper alternatives?

For many beer experts the answer to that question is a simple one – consistency. Although Stella does not top the taste test listing it is a solid and dependable choice for those who enjoy the European style pilsner.

The brand has been around for a while – in fact since 1926 and during that time it has become the biggest name in pale lager market segment. Stella was first brewed to cater to the increasingly vocal and brand conscious market in Europe – and the growing numbers who wanted a Pilsner style beer.

One of the reasons that Stella Artois remains so popular is that the taste highlights of the lager are distinctly ‘middle of the road’ – there’s nothing in a glass of Stella that would upset those who are after a fairly conservative beer drinker. It’s certainly less aggressively flavored than others in the class – such as Pilsner Urquell which could be called the progenitor of the style.

It’s almost as if it has become only a pale reflection of those pilsner’s that were first brewed in the Czech republic.

However, that said it does benefit from the use of the Saaz Hop whcih lends it a distinct bitter flavor. Although this is not as pronounced as that of its competitors it does lend the beer a crispness that makes it extremely refreshing.

The brand ambassadors also claim that Stella is made using only the best ingredients from across the world. For instance the barley that is used in the brewing process has its origins in France.

And then there is the marketing. Stella has been around for so long that it hardly needs to ramp up its brand recognition – but the ‘reassuringly expensive’ campaign that ran from the early 80’s until 2007 cemented its credentials as a premium brand. This campaign turned what might have been a negative (high price) into a positive – in that it was viewed as a premium product and the price was a guarantee of quality.

Today that campaign is a distant memory – however, the popularity of Stella remains a fact of life for many beer drinkers.

The brand has been subject to some negative press due to the fact it has seemingly become the beer of choice with some of the less attractive drinkers – such as the binge drinking crowd at soccer games in Europe. But the fact remains that it has a winning formula. It is perfectly balanced to appeal to those who want a well made, honest beer that will not flirt with some of the more outlandish formulations that are today part and parcel of the craft beer market.

Beer Tasting Experiences Of Cape Town Best Beer in Cape Town Best Beer Tasting Experiences Of Cape Town

Enjoy The Best Beer Tasting Experiences Of Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the world. It combines stunning architecture and a pulsating nightlife. The area around the city – and indeed the city itself is one of the most scenic on the globe. The majestic Table Mountain overlooks both the sparkling Atlantic Ocean on one side of the Peninsula where it is situated and on the other side the warm waters of the Indian Ocean lap pristine beaches.

The areas surrounding Cape Town such as Stellenbosch and Paarl (and many oters) have gained an incredible reputation for producing some of the world’s best wines.

But there is another booming industry which is attracting tourists from all over the world – craft beer. Cape Town is quickly building a reputation for having some of the most innovative craft breweries in the world.

So if you want to enjoy a taster of some of these brews – how would you go about it?

There are several tourism related companies that will offer those interested in craft beers in Cape Town the opportunity to enjoy some of the most interesting craft beers on the planet.

These tours can be half day or extend deep into the night and be combined with other experiences of Cape Town nightlife such as the wonderful cuisine of the inner city where there are several restaurants that have achieved world wide acclaim for their cross cultural offerings.

But for those who want to really get into the craft beer experience of ‘The Mother City‘ as it is known to those who call Cape Town – and indeed South Africa home there can be no greater delight than exploring using your own two feet.

Cape Town – at least the city center of Cape Town is a fairly snug environment. It is incredibly easy to get from one venue to another and if you have someone who has a savvy knowledge of the city – and a love for the hops you will find plenty of places that have professionals who will guide you towards some of the best craft beers in Cape Town.

The perfect beer tasting experience is one that combines beer and great food and then throws in some relaxation – and that is the recipe for success of a place known as Banana Jam cafe. A laid back reggae vibe (big in the Mother City) and some exceptional craft beers on tap will provide all the relaxation you will ever need.

Then there’s the Devil’s Peak Taproom. Sit back and admire the massive copper kettles and the incredible menu. There are only the eight beers on tap – but wow – that view from the balcony. Ask nicely and you’ll get that taster that you need to judge the quality of what you want to fill your glass. Try the Black IPA – it is absolutely fantastic.

No mention of the Cape Brewing (and tasting) scene would be complete without a mention of the C.B.C. (Cape Brewing Co.). These folks have simply got it completely right. The Bavaria Mandarina IPA is just perfect for those who want to explore just what an IPA can be – and it’s an absolute certainty that these folks will allow you a series of tasters to get your taste buds in the mood for this nectar of the Cape Peninsula.

It’s not difficult to fall in love with beer in the Cape. The magnificent backdrop and the sheer love of life that it provides all who visit is the spice that makes beer go down that much more easily. Take some time off and just enjoy.

Best Beers In The World Four Best Beers In The World

What Are The Four Best Beers In The World According To Sales?

What are the four best beers in the world? Beer connoisseurs would often have an answer to that question. Yet all their answers would be different, based on opinion. Plus you have to think about craft breweries, ones that are highly specialized and not necessarily nationwide or global best sellers. It really depends on what type of beer you like the best, too. That being said, let’s start by answering the question with which beers top the sales charts.

When addressing the question by sales, it’s quite easy to guess which ones rank near the top. If you ask most beer drinkers what the picks would be based on sales and not their opinions, they would be able to guess at least one or two. They might not guess them in order. Think for a moment before you read this next section, and see if you can come up with the top 4 sellers. I bet you guess the beer that ranks #1 on the list.

The #1 best selling beer in America is Bud Light. That was easy, right? Which beer do you think comes in at #2? It’s

 Coors Light, and then #3 is Miller Lite. What’s #4? Budweiser is #4. Those names aren’t shockers by any stretch of the imagination, but let’s take a closer look. Budweiser is supposed to be the king of beers, right? No doubt, Bud Light is #1 and has been for a long time. What’s noticeable is that more people are drinking light beers than ever before.

In fact, until recently Budweiser was still in the top 3, but it is now #4. Its sales have been declining for years, and now the light beers have the top 3 positions. But what about international beers and those craft beers? While the top 4 beers get the most sales, many beer drinkers like to get a little creativeand try something new.


When I drank beer, one of my favorites was a pale ale made in St Louis. Do you know which beer I am referring to? It is called Rolling Rock. Then there is the Jamaican beer, Red Stripe. Dos XX and Corona were two of my otherfavorites, always served with rock salt and a lime of course. Then there are dark beers like Guinness. There are all kinds of different beers you can try, and you may call one of them your personal favorites. Yet it is hard to argue with the numbers when it comes to the best beers.

The four best beers are Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite and Budweiser, in that order. Have you tried all four of them? I have, and out of the four, my favorite was always Bud Light. You can put a lot of the popularity of those four beers on the marketing that the companies do. Those companies have long held the reins to the beer market in the US. Bud Light will probably never be unseated, but you just never know.

Great Bars of the World Heineken

Heineken and Great Bars of the World

It is one of the world’s greatest beers. Where can you enjoy it? At some of the world’s greatest bars, of course. Naturally, you can also enjoy it at home. But, if you are able to travel and visit the place where Heineken originated, you might want to stop in and have one at one of the best bars to drink it.

Amsterdam’s has lots to see and do. It is one of the greatest cities to bike through. When you visit, make a stop at as many pubs as you can to enjoy its pilsners. For the best bar experience in the world, stop over at the Heineken Experience. The brewery closed in 1988 due to excessive demands, but since the beer originated here in 1964, the Experience was built to keep its tradition flowing.

There are four levels of attractions to see, including a spot where you can experience it being brewed and bottled. The Brew U ride is one of the most popular attractions. You can also visit the historic brew room to see the copper vats where the brewing is done. At the end of the tour, you get a glass of beer. This is a self-guided tour so you have the freedom to take everything in at your own pace.


You also get to visit the World Bar. This is a comfortable bar where you can enjoy more beer and enjoy the panoramic videos with scenes all around the world. The table where you put your beer has an interactive map on it. It is fun, but you might have to stand as the World Bar gets packed fast.

The bartenders there will be happy to answer any questions you have. If you want souvenirs of your trip, the gift shop has them for you. From shot glasses to t-shirts, you can take home something to remember your visit to Amsterdam’s original pilsner brewery.

You can also visit the corporate bar, The Intersection, which opened in 2010. At the brewer’s U.S. office, there are happy hours and World Cup parties. There are seven draft beers on tap all of which are from Heineken. Some are brands you will know and others come all the way from South America or Central America. Drink and watch the game or play the game – there are foosball tables available for you to play at.

Can you make it to Ho Chi Minh city? If you can, make it to The World of Heineken, another great spot that commemorates this delicious beer. You get an interactive experience of the brewing process in the form of a 4 D movie ride. The World Bar here has 360-degree views of the city at the top of the Bitexco Financial Tower. It is one of the highest Heineken bars in the city if not Vietnam.

This beer is one of the most famous and popular in the world. Why not try it while traveling at one of the great bars that commemorate it?

Cape Town Sports Bars Sports Bars Sports Bars In Cape Town

Top 3 Sports Bars In Cape Town South Africa For Good Food Drinks & Fun

Johannesburg is the only other city in South Africa with more things to do and places of interest than Cape Town. Whether you are a new local on the scene or visiting Cape Town, South Africa for vacation, you are in for a treat. When it’s time to kick back, enjoy some drinks, mingle with the locals and watch sports, you want to know the best places to go. Here are the top 3 sports bars in Cape Town, South Africa.

This first sports pub features the best craft beers and all kinds of delicious food. It is called The Firemans Arms, and its location is 25 Mechau Street. Some of the foods you can order up there include beef ribs, fish and chips and pizza. Reviews describe this establishment as a ‘sporty English pub,’ and it is certainly one of the best sports bars in Cape Town, South Africa. Expect a laid back and relaxed atmosphere to the place, and you can count on great value in terms of what you order, too. Lamb curry and chicken wings are two more popular menu items that you can enjoy along with those craft beers.

The Bay Sports Bar is another great choice, and you will find it at Constantia 7806 at the False Bay Sports Complex. What better place to enjoy a sports pub than at a sports complex because you have the opportunity to participate, too. You might want to do that, however, before you decide to sit down and enjoy craft beers and scrumptious food. Reviews point to the fact that you can enjoy live music on a Friday night, and the place is certainly known for serving up the most delicious burgers. The Bay Sports Bar & Restaurant features a rugby sports bar type atmosphere and is a wonderful place to hang out and shoot the breeze.

There are certainly many great sports pubs in Cape Town. There are also listings for some of the top traditional bars and pubs in Cape Town, so you want to make sure you are looking at venues that cater to sports fans. For example, The Gin Bar is one of the best pubs in Cape Town, and it’s right by The Chocolate Cafe, too. Yet it’s a more traditional type bar and not a sports pub. Let’s get to looking at one more of the best sports bars in Cape Town, South Africa.

Springbok Blues Sports Pub & Grill is located at 2 Potgieter Street, and reviewers talk about ordering up steaks and great drinks, including delicious wines. You can also expect live music from time to time, just like at The Bay Sports Bar & Restaurant. The atmosphere you can expect at Springbok Blues Sports Pub & Grill is certainly a wonderful place to relax, enjoy drinks with friends and eat some great food. Everything is said to be quite affordable, and the place also features a nice location. Reviews even mention that it’s a sports pub that you can show up to alone and feel comfortable and ready to mingle with other patrons.

Rascals Pub & Pizzeria gets an honorable mention. Looking at the name, you can’t tell it’s a sports bar, but you can certainly expect to stay up on everything sports related at this funky pub. It is a cool place to hang out, and you can expect great pizza and more on the menu. That’s 3 top sports bars & pubs in Cape Town for you to enjoy, along with a bonus pick. You are going to have a great time checking out the scene in Cape Town, South Africa, and good food and drinks are right around the corner.